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Finding Good Movers in Fort Wayne, IN

May 03, 2023

Finding Good Movers in Fort Wayne, IN | Callan

Moving to Fort Wayne, IN is a big project, whether you are moving across town or the country.  The process of packing up everything from your home into a truck and safely transporting it to your new home should be done with care and professionalism. That is why it's important to find a trustworthy moving company in Ft Wayne that can help you complete the process safely and on time. Finding good movers is not an easy task. What should you look for in moving companies in Ft Wayne? This article will outline the moving essentials in finding good movers for you!

Finding Good Movers: Full-Service Moving & Storage

A full-service moving company can help you not only with the truck but with your entire moving process from beginning to end. Full-service movers include services like packing, loading, transport, and even personal storage. 

Packing Services

Packing services are for families and individuals who cannot pack the house themselves. Whether you have a disability, have small children, or just have no extra time to pack in the middle of an executive relocation, we're here for you. Packing services can handle the whole house, step in to finish quickly at the last minute, or just help you with difficult-to-pack items like dishes, appliances, or furniture. 

Furniture Assembly

Furniture disassembly, padding, and reassembly are also part of a full-service moving. If you ask, your movers will gladly help you make sure that all your furniture arrives safely disassembled and wrapped, and we can even set your furniture back up at the new house for a smooth, screwdriver-free move-in experience. If you need expert art movers or antique movers, just ask.

Moving Storage

If you experience moving delays or if all your items don't fit in the new house, full-service movers in Ft Wayne can offer storage solutions to make your transition easier.

Local or Long Distance Moving

Local moving occurs within the same town or just a few towns over. Long-distance moving can mean moving across the state or out to a distant coast. A good mover in Fort Wayne can help you with the logistics of either a local or long-distance move based on your needs.

Local Moving in Ft Wayne, IN

Local moving in Fort Wayne can be done by making multiple trips with a smaller truck or carefully transferring everything in a single trip. Local storage will be easier to access, and you have the leeway to revisit your original house to make sure everything is clean and perfect before handing your key to the next resident, owner, or buyer.

Long-Distance Moving From Ft Wayne, IN

Long-distance moving services are designed to help you take care of the entire moving process in a single go. This ensures that all your items fit into the right size of moving truck and that storage is available for you either at your origin or destination - depending on your needs. A good moving company will keep in touch while on the road and coordinate arrival, as you will likely beat the truck there even if you road trip.

What to Look for in a Complete Moving Quote

When looking for a good mover in Fort Wayne, IN, it's important to know what to expect in a moving quote. Not all moving companies quote in the same way, and some will hide fees and add-on pricing instead of using a transparent method. Here's what to look for in a complete moving quote before you make your decision:

Walkthrough, Live or Remote

First, be sure to get a walkthrough. This will allow your movers to estimate the amount of work and size of truck your move will require for a more accurate estimate.

Hourly Rate and Estimated Hours

You will want to see the hourly rate for your movers' work and an estimated number of hours that moving your items will take.

Truck Costs and Distance-Based Estimate

The size truck you need will come with a baseline cost, plus an estimate of the cost per mile between your location and destination.

Add-On Pricing for Packing or Storage

If you choose add-on services like a packing service or a secure storage solution, this should be included transparently on your moving quote.

Get Started Today

If you are ready to start your Fort Wayne moving plans, so are we. The first step is to get a quote or estimate from your local movers and choose the best Ft Wayne mover for the job. At Callan Moving, we can provide full-service local and long-distance moving with an informed quote that you can count on.

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