Picking the Best Movers in Indiana

Picking the Best Movers in Indiana

Apr 11, 2023

Picking the Best Movers in Indiana

Whether you are moving for a new job or promotion or to be closer to loved ones, the Indiana movers you choose will have a massive impact on your life over the coming months. In addition, from ensuring your furniture arrives on time to properly caring for your irreplaceable personal and sentimental items, choosing the right moving and storage company is an essential first step. It doesn't matter if you're moving across town or from across the country. Finding the right moving company in NW Indiana whether Hammond or Gary or Merrillville, we will ensure a stress and worry-free move without incurring expensive travelling costs. This will also allow you to set up your new home quickly and efficiently. 

Finding Reliable Moving Services in Indiana

Working with an established business with a history of success is the easiest way to ensure success. If you choose the first national brand you recognize - or worse, a startup consisting of a few guys and a truck - you could wait for your precious belongings to arrive for days. Choosing an established brand with an active and trusted presence in the community is a big step towards checking one of the most critical parts of your location off your list -- the move itself. Finding a mover that works for you will help you focus on other important factors, from getting the kids set up for success at a new school to tackling that new job or even getting aging parents settled into a new routine. 

At Callan & Woodworth, our roots in the community, decades of experience moving Indiana residents to new homes and outstanding reviews ensure every client we work with has a stellar experience. This is from the first box to the last. Discover the difference working with a professional Indiana moving team makes. In addition, learn more about our commitment to your home and family here.  

Full-Service Moving in Indiana


What exactly is a full-service move in Indiana, and how does it work? You have many options when hiring a professional moving company. Also, understanding the different types of moving services will help you make the right choice for your family and home when moving to Indiana. 

A full-service move is the most stressful and worry-free way to proceed. Whether switching homes or cities within Indiana or moving to a new place and if you want to ensure everything is done correctly, you also need help tackling the physical part of the move yourself. Full service is the way to go. As full-service movers, we bring all supplies and pack all items. This is from the most significant pieces you own to the tiniest toys and trinkets. Then, move them to your new location. If needed, we store your items in a secure, climate-controlled facility while you get the family where they need to go. Next, we deliver your items and place them in your new home exactly as you imagined.

A full-service move lets you focus on an essential part of moving your home and family, settling into the new place, and launching your new life quickly. You'll need to do everything from enrolling the kids in a new school to finding a new doctor, gym, grocer and more. This is also depending on your family and needs. Using a full-service mover lets you focus on these more important tasks. You can also ensure you don't have to worry about the physical demands of moving. 

A Century of Indiana Moving Experience

When we say we have a long history of helping Indiana families move -- we mean it! For over 100 years, Callan and Woodworth Moving & Storage has been dedicated to helping families of all sizes relocate. In that time, we have seen many families and businesses moving to Northwest Indiana and seeing this area grow and become a thriving region of opportunity. We'll help get you settled into your new home.

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