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Holland, Michigan, is a picturesque town located on Lake Macatawa, near the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. It is perhaps best known for the Dutch heritage of many of its citizens. The Tulip Time Festival and various Dutch-themed attractions bring many tourists to the town every year. If you are looking to make a move and live in or near this wonderful town, Callan & Woodworth Moving & Storage is here to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Callan & Woodworth Moving & Storage is Holland, Michigan's reliable, friendly moving company. Since 1897, we’ve been trusted by families and businesses like yours to provide exceptional customer service and help those relocating succeed with the greatest efficiency.


Holland is a beautiful and quaint town located on the southwestern side of the “mitten” that is Michigan. Named after the heritage of its settlers, many - if not most - of the first people to colonize this region were of Dutch origin. The location of this city is within the boundaries of Ottawa county Michigan.

If you’re considering moving to Holland MI and need some more help, here are some things you should know about the area.

Affordability and Opportunities

The low cost of living makes Holland MI an attractive place to buy or rent a home and the affordability makes the dream of buying a vacation house a reality. There are plenty of activities to do that would make yearly vacationing here worthwhile. We specialize in moving western Michigan summer homes and we will make moving convenient for you. Additionally, we are the Women's Trusted Supplier 2021 of moving needs.

The city is abundant with all-encompassing job opportunities meaning a moderate-sized family would be able to live permanently with a comfortable lifestyle in Holland. So, if you are looking for a charming place to call home, moving to Holland MI is a compelling option and we can help you move.

Recreational Activities

The state of Michigan is in the midwestern USA. Its relatively long distance from the equator means that the state experiences the depths of all four seasons. The weather is attractive to people who like the colder climate range for most of the year as well as a few hot and sunny summer months.

The location near the shore of Lake Michigan makes for ample water activities during both the winter and summer seasons. There are plenty of things to do whether you live here or own a vacation home. The white sandy beaches and sand dunes provide a spot to soak up the sun or ride around in your ATV. If you’re in need of movers to migrate all your summer gear, we are available to move your belongings to and from your summer home. Reversely, ice fishing and skiing or snowboarding are some popular winter sports.

Origins and Locality

The people of Holland MI colonized there hoping to escape persecution and desiring religious freedom. Many of the traditional views of churchgoers are still active in the community of Holland in present times. “The City of Churches” is a well-known name the locals have given the town.

The Dutch heritage is still alive today in the Dutch-themed tourist attractions and Holland Michigan’s own Tulip Time Festival, as a tribute to the original festival in the Netherlands. Adhering to the more traditional side of themes around Holland, our business has been family-owned for over 50 years. You can count on us to help you move and we will treat you like family.

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Whether you’re looking to move to or away from Holland, we are a moving company in Holland Mi that is available for your relocating needs. Feel free to contact us to schedule a move.

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