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If you are looking for a professional museum moving company to deliver top-quality services, look no further than Callan & Woodworth Moving & Storage. We’re a highly trained professional moving team that is ready to take on the seemingly insurmountable task of moving your museum exhibits, crating displays or fixtures, tracking of all the artifacts and historical items to and from secure storage facilities, and we will make it seamless.

Museums are full of antiques, ancient artifacts, delicate historical records, and other historical possessions from the past. Natural history museums, history museums, art museums, anthropological museums and science museums are just a few of the many kinds of museums we can move just sections of the museum or relocate an entire exhibit. From world-renowned national museums to small local museums, we can prepare a moving estimate tor your museum and get the planning process started.

Our wide range of museum moving services ensure we can provide a full moving solution that is tailored for you. Just a few of our most popular services include those mentioned below.

  • Commercial & Municipal move management services.
  • Full-service packing and fragile item packing/tracking services.
  • Custom crating for large, high-value, unusual and fragile items.
  • We provide custom space planning services.
  • Keep up to date with online shipment tracking.

One of the most important aspects of museum moving is respect for each and every item and artifact at cataloged in your museum. Our team members are courteous and professional movers. We will be sure to protect the floors and doorways of both your new location and old as we move each item or exhibits with the care you expect. No object will go without the attention it deserves, and everything will be packed and wrapped to our professional standards, ensuring its safety throughout your moving process.

We have experience moving antiques, heavy, large and awkward items, as well as delicate, fragile and high-value items. Callan & Woodworth Moving & Storage has the team you can trust to get your museum move started.

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Why Choose Callan & Woodworth for your Museum Move?

With our experienced corporate movers on staff, they understand that your museum goes beyond the precious items your visitors come to see. We are experienced and adept at high-value goods that are expected to remain in the same condition as when leaving the current space. This includes electronic displays, oversized museum exhibits, heavy structure or statues, moving all the computer equipment, furniture and office equipment that the staff uses. 

We can also help you ship fleet vehicles, maintenance equipment, shelving, audio-visual equipment and offer a variety of third party services for added insurance if necessary. 

Founded in 1897, we’ve been trusted by countless customers like you. Whether you’re moving your museum down the road or across town or a totally new location in the United States, we will be with you every step of the way to make your museum move a success.

We are a punctual team, and will create a schedule you can rely on to minimize downtime throughout your move. Have additional items you don’t use every day? We also have clean, safe, secure storage solutions for long and short term use.

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