Tips for Moving With Your Dog

Tips for Moving With Your Dog

Aug 04, 2020

Moving can be stressful for everyone, including our pets. When it comes to moving with a dog, consider the nature of these beloved animals. They’re territorial, used to routine and can sense stress in their owners. The upheaval of a move can cause anxiety in your dog, but there is plenty you can do to ease their stress. Read our top tips for moving with a dog to make the process as pleasant as possible.

Moving Out of State With a Dog

A big move, like moving out of state with a dog, means planning ahead and practical requirements are even more important. Before you start the process of moving out of state with a dog, look into whether you might need a new license for your pet. Some states, for example, have issues with certain breeds. These rules may be defined by local governments, neighborhood associations, and insurance companies.

A fear of your pet getting lost while moving out of state with a dog is also common. To ease your peace of mind, get your dog microchipped, and make sure your dog has ID, so that if they do get lost, they can more easily be found.

You might also want to find a local vet in your new neighborhood ahead of your move, so that if your dog does not easily recover from moving state, you have somewhere to take them right away.

Moving Cross Country With a Dog

If you’re moving cross country with a dog, there is even more to consider than those items listed above. Moving one state over is a big enough move, but moving cross country with a dog means a longer journey too.

If your dog will be travelling by car with your to their new home, be sure to crate train your dog ahead of time. Crate training might be a challenge, but if they’re comfortable with it by moving day, this will make the move itself easier for everyone. As well as keeping plenty of food and water available to your dog, make sure they also have toys and extra blankets so they can be comfortable during the move. Find dog-friendly restaurants on your route, and take plenty of breaks for short walks.

If you’re moving cross country with a dog that will find the journey stressful, consider using CBD treats to calm them. Prescription anxiety medication, Alprazolam or Diazepam, can also help with moving stress.

Last but not least – if you’re moving cross country with a dog, consider flying with your pet to their new home. If a short airplane journey would be less stressful than a long car ride, maybe this is the quickest and least stressful option for both of you.

Time and Attention

Our number one top tip for moving with a dog is to give any extra love you have to your dog! We know that at this time, you’ll be busy and stressed, so any extra attention is bound to be appreciated. Don’t forget that spending time with your dog and feeling their appreciation is also likely to reduce your own moving stress.

Tips for Moving with a Dog: Before the Move

Before you move, be sure to keep your dog calm with the following tips for moving with a dog.


Some dogs love playing with boxes – but others are surprisingly terrified of packing supplies! If boxes make your dog nervous, gradually introduce them to your home ahead of time. Place boxes and packing supplies around your home, increasing the number day by day until they become commonplace and non-threatening in time for you to get packing!


Your dog has come to know and love their routine, and falling out of routine can increase anxiety. One or our top tips for moving with a dog is to stick to a routine as much as possible. This includes when meals are served, when bathroom breaks are taken, how often walks happen, and play time.

Exercise & Entertainment

One of our top tips for moving with a dog is to ensure you keep on top of their exercise routine! Even if you ask a friend to help at this busy time, try to ensure your dog gets enough exercise to get rid of nervous energy and work against any additional anxiety they might be feeling.

You can also keep you dog busy at home, with treat puzzles and other games. This tip for moving with a dog is particularly useful in the run up to the move, as items fall out of place and your pet starts to feel a change ahead of the move.

A Place to Call Their Own

As the house falls into a state of disarray as you pack and prepare for your move, the new layout can cause confusion for you dog. Ahead of moving with a dog, set up a quiet, small space for your dog to enjoy, with their toys and blankets around them, so they have somewhere to retreat if need be.

Tips for Moving with a Dog: After the Move

Once you move into your home, ensure your dog can be safe and happy there. Out top tips for moving with a dog include the following.

Pet Proofing Your New Home

Safety first! Set up safety gates and check there are no cracks in your fence for your dog to escape.

Explore Slowly

As you take your dog on walks around the new neighborhood, be sure to keep them on the leash as their confidence grows. Explore the new territory bit by bit so they can gradually get used to their new surroundings.

Get Help Moving With a Dog!

Bear in mind that your dog is adaptable! Once your dog is used to their new home, anxiety should reduce. After all, you’ll be with them every step of the way, and it’s your presence that they really associate with home.

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