How to Move In Together

How to Move In Together

Jul 28, 2020

Romantic relationship can be one of the great joys in life. When you finally find that one special person to share your days with, it can indescribably wonderful. For most people, moving in together is a significant step in a relationship and a decision that will profoundly affect the lives of both people. Before you make that big move, here are some great things to think about as it relates to making the adventure a success.

You Can Live With Their Life Style Habits

Living with someone is a lot different than visiting them for short periods of time in their home. Small life style habits that seem inconsequential when you live apart can become a big deal when people decide to cohabitate. Leaving lights on, dirty dishes in the sink, bathroom cleaning schedules and other mundane daily life habits can really get in the way of domestic harmony if a couple doesn’t agree on how to handle these things. Before you move in with your significant other, be sure that you are compatible with these small, but important everyday habits.

Practice Makes Perfect

Many couples who decide to live together have already spent a considerable amount of time in each other’s homes. If you have been together 4-5 days a week, as well as most weekends, you both already have a good sense of what it will be like to officially cohabitate.  After countless times of “just staying over”, you will have an accurate idea of how compatible you are with each other’s daily life habits. Knowing what you are getting yourself into before moving day arrives will go a long way towards a harmonious future. Should you encounter any issues with your significant other’s manner of living, be sure to talk about it ahead of time.

The Other “M” Word – Money  

Relationship experts often site the topic of money as one of the key friction points in a couple’s life together. People who are compatible in so many fundamental ways can still have very different approaches to handling money. Some individuals are savers and try to be very careful with the money they have, while others are all about living in the moment and view money has a tool to fully enjoy life. Before you move in together, verify that you are on the same page as it relates to finances. Even if you do not see eye to eye on the subject, try to make some upfront agreements about how money matters will be handled, so friction is minimized.

So When Is It Time To Move In Together?

Deciding to move in together can be a very important step in a couple’s relationship and one that should be given a lot of thoughtful consideration before a decision is made. For many couples, living together brings a great sense of happiness to their lives, as well as many practical conveniences. By carefully examining your compatibility with each other’s life style habits, approach to money and other important factors, you will both be well on your way to a wonderful, shared experience.

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