Tips for Long Term Car Storage

Tips for Long Term Car Storage

Aug 04, 2020


When you’re moving, you may need to look into storing large items, like automobiles, for an extended period of time. These suggestions will make long term car storage a breeze and will keep your vehicle in shape for when it’s time to get back behind the wheel.  

Keep it Covered 

One of the most important things you can do to keep your car healthy is to find a safe, clean and covered place to store your automobile. A temperate and reliable climate, such as a garage or indoor storage space, can save you money in the long run. Cover your vehicle with a specified vehicle cover or use a drop cloth to keep off dust and other debris. If at all possible, don’t store your vehicle outside. 

Give Your Car a Shine — Inside and Out

It may seem like a no-brainer, but having a spotless interior will keep your car ready for its next use. It will also keep stains or unwanted smells from setting in and deter any curious animals. Clear the clutter and add a little interior conditioner. It will make your car look like new when you get ready to drive it again. Before putting the cover on the outside of your car, consider giving it a shine. A nice polish or wax will help keep outside dirt from damaging the paint job. 

Change the Oil, Fluids and Keep the Gas Tank Full

It's imperative you change the oil before you put your car away, as old or dirty oil can cause damage to the engine. Maintain a full tank to keep condensation out and prevent harmful air buildup. And check other fluids too, especially if you're moving in the spring. This is the best time to top off your fluids, according to The American Automobile Association

Keep the Battery Charged

Without a working battery the car can’t run and new batteries are often expensive. Keep your battery fresh by taking the car for a quick spin from time to time. If you aren’t near your vehicle when you move, see if a friend or family member can stop by to turn over the ignition. If you have no other option, disconnect the battery and use a maintainer to keep it functional for the future. 

Prevent Flat Spots on Your Tires

Using jack stands is a sure way to prevent flat spots on tires during long term car storage. It’s best to set all four corners of your vehicle on jack stands and to take off the tires. Be careful not to place too much pressure on any one axle.

Need More Advice on How to Make That Move Easier? 

Working through the logistics of how to store a car during your move can be tough, but the right mover can provide excellent resources. At Callan & Woodworth Moving & Storage, we handle moving and storage for customers who want to know their belongings are well taken care of. 

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