Moving with Cats

Moving with Cats

Sep 15, 2021

Moving With Cats


How To Move With A Cat

Moving can be a complicated process, with many details to manage all at the same time. If you have ever relocated to a new home with a pet, you know that they too can be affected by the disruption to daily living that moving and temporarily brings. While cats are largely celebrated for being independent and aloof, they are actually very sensitive creatures, who can get stressed out by changes in their environment.


Tips For Moving With A Cat

Here are some great tips to follow as you prepare to move to a new home with your lovable feline.


The Carrier

Most cats are not fond of their carriers and often resist the effort to be put into one. In fact, the battle between owner and kitty for carrier insertion can be so dramatic, that it is at times comical. What cats do not know is that their carriers are the safest way to transport them from one location to another. So in the spirit of preventing an epic battle from taking place, practice putting kitty in her carrier a few weeks before moving day. It will be beneficial for both of you. Don’t forget to also trim her nails before the rehearsal sessions begin. Your skin will thank you for it.


Riding In Cars

Unlike dogs, cats are not excited by the idea of riding in cars. Some in fact really hate it. Once you feel that you have the carrier routine down pat, start taking your cat out for short car trips. Many kitties will whine and make noise in the carrier while traveling in a car, but will start to get used to it after a short time. Preparing your cat well in advance for her moving day car experience will pay off handsomely.


Packing For Kitty Too

In order for your cat to have a pleasant and comfortable ride to your new home, be sure to bring everything she needs with you in the car. In addition to the carrier, have a litter box, some food and water available, as well as any cat toys that she likes to have around her. If your cat is an indoor animal that does not normally wear a collar, put one on her that includes an ID tag and her rabies vaccine information.  



Sometimes no matter how hard you try to prepare your kitty for moving day, her anxiety might still get the best of her. If that situation occurs, talk to your vet about prescribing some mild sedatives that will help the cat stay calm during the transition from your old home to the new one. 



For most people, moving is exciting, as it is often the first step of a brand new adventure in life. However for animals, the relocation process can be uncomfortable and even downright scary. As loving pet owners, we want to do everything we can to ensure that our cats transition well from their old surroundings to a new one. Practicing the events that will take place on moving day is very helpful, but some cats will still struggle with the process. If that turns out to be true for you kitty, learn more about how temporary use of medication might make things a lot easier. Above all else, keep in mind that your favorite feline will survive her moving day experience and soon be happy again with you in her new home.


Happy Kitty Moving!