How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Mover This Summer?

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Mover This Summer?

May 17, 2022


Summer has always been one of the most popular moving periods, especially for bustling families. With a summer move, you can be confident your children will not miss any school days, and the snow and rain won’t delay your items. Unfortunately, planning a move during this season is easier said than done. Additionally, as prices are jumping higher than ever, preparing against unforeseen costs will be crucial for a smooth experience. 

Why Does it Cost More to Hire Movers in Summer?

While the prices for local moving or long distance moving and storage generally increase during summer, you should anticipate a much sharper change this season. This boost is because we expect several external factors to play a core role in the cost of hiring a move, such as:

  1. General Home Price Increases. 
  2. Sharp Surge in the Cost of Fuel for Trucks. 
  3. General Peak Demand for Moving During Summer. 
  4. Shortage of Qualified Licensed Truck Drivers.
  5. Complicated Moving Schedules. 

These factors generally mean that while demand may remain high this summer, most moving companies will struggle to satisfy all their requests. This shortage may lead to a more significant increase in price than expected.

How to Reduce Surprises and Unexpected Costs When Moving?

Few things can make you feel as miserable as shooting past your budget. Taking the necessary steps to ensure you don’t get caught out by unexpected prices will lead to a happier move and a more pleasing experience.

Book Your Move Early

One of the most common misconceptions people have is that moving companies are always available. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the case, especially during summer. Remember, demand in this season is always much higher than during other periods. Naturally, this increase in moving requests may mean several movers will have few available slots.

On the other hand, while you may be able to find some slots, you may quickly discover that the prices to book them are eye-turning. Fortunately, you can avoid either of these scenarios by booking as early as possible. Once you are confident that you will be moving sometime during the summer, begin taking the necessary steps to hire a professional mover.

By searching for a moving company as early as possible, you can understand the general cost to hire local movers. On the other hand, if you are moving across state lines, your early search will allow you to discover the aprx cost to hire out-of-state movers during summer. This anticipation will allow you to get the best price and avoid unexpected surges.

Get Rid of Junk and Unwanted Items

While some movers may only charge for the distance, most will take the weight of your items into account when creating your bottom line. Essentially, the heavier your boxes, the more you should expect to pay. Naturally, to ensure that you don’t go over your budget, we recommend keeping each box light by only packing things that aren’t easily replaceable.

Alternatively, if you have a challenging time letting go of personal objects, we suggest purchasing a scale. This item will allow you to know the exact weight of your boxes before the movers ever arrive at your door, reducing the chances of any unexpected costs.

Donate Items

While packing, you may quickly begin sectioning out items you don’t want in your new home. Once you have sealed your last box, we suggest digging through these excess objects for any materials you can donate. These items may include clothes, shoes, books, and so on.

Once you have filled up a box with these, we recommend searching for any charities around you and offering the items. They will be glad to take them off your hands and give them to those in need.

Pack Yourself

Full-service movers have become popular in recent years as they can help you pack and unpack your entire home. However, this service will always come at a price that may catch you off-guard if you aren’t careful. To ensure that you don’t overspend on your move, we highly recommend doing your packing yourself.

While loading up your boxes may seem like a tedious task, it is much easier if you spread it out over time. Once you become aware of your move, begin packing up the things you will not regularly use, such as winter clothes. Then, slowly keep doing this as the moving date approaches, filling up each box over time instead of trying to do it all in one day.

This method of moving will make packing feel like a breeze and remove the need for any full-service movers. By doing so, you can maintain your budget and save more money to beautify your new home.

Get a Trusted Mover For an Accurate Quote

Getting an accurate quote is one of the best ways to create a budget. If you previously moved homes and had a good experience with your old mover, don’t hesitate to give them a ring and ask for a binding moving quote and total expected price for your move. They should be happy to explain all the different charges you may face and how you can prepare for them.

On the other hand, if this is your first move, don’t fret. Check online for moving reviews of moving companies in your area, and read through what people say about them. Once you have a list of highly-recommended movers, you can contact each one and ask for a quote based on the items you are expecting to move. This quote will give you a good idea of how much you need to have in your pocket before calling up any mover.

Get Everything in Writing Ahead of Booking Your Move

Keeping tabs on everything is one of the best ways to ensure a smooth move. Before finalizing a deal with a mover, we highly recommend getting everything down in writing. Your list should include the number of boxes you have, their estimated weight, the valuables in each box, and so on.

By having a good note of everything, you can remain confident in getting an accurate bottom line from your mover for both the move and the insurance. Additionally, this will also serve as a good inventory list when you are unpacking, as you will want to ensure that all your items made it to your new home successfully.