Differences Between Local And Long Distance Moving

Differences Between Local And Long Distance Moving

Jul 12, 2022


Moving is stressful, no matter if it's moving across town or the country. Whether driving by yourself or hiring professional movers, it's essential to do your research before deciding on a moving company. We're here to help!

This article will cover what sets local and long-distance moving apart and how both types of moves work. We'll also discuss what considerations go into choosing either type of service so that you can be confident about making the right call for your move. So let's get started!

What's a Long-Distance Move?

When it comes to long-distance moving, there is much more that goes into the process than a simple local move.

  • Long-distance moves are more complex. You're moving further away. More steps are involved in coordinating with your mover and ensuring you have everything required for a smooth transition to your new home.
  • Long-distance moves are more time-consuming. You'll need to arrange temporary housing or storage if yours isn't available at the end of your move day. You'll also need additional time for packing up your belongings ahead of time so they can be safely transported across state lines on moving day without risk of damage or theft.
  • As mentioned earlier, long-distance moves tend to be more expensive because they require additional labor hours spent driving trucks across state lines as well as coordinating with multiple people who have various responsibilities throughout this process: movers themselves; contractors who handle packing/unpacking tasks; real estate agents handling closing documents once all parties involved have reached their intended destinations!

Interstate Moves

Interstate moves are more complicated and time-consuming than local moves. Interstate moves require a lot of paperwork and planning, which can be one of the most challenging parts of the process.

Unlike local moves, interstate moves require hiring a professional moving company for help. This is because it's not legal to move goods across state lines without having proper documentation from the company (such as safe driving certifications).

Intrastate Moves

Moving a short distance while staying in the same state means you don't need to pay for a moving permit. You also won't have to pay for a mover's license or USDOT number since there are no federal regulations for intrastate moves. The same applies to the state of residence. If you're moving from one neighborhood in Chicago to another, there's no need to get a local license or bond.

In short: Intrastate moves are cheaper because they don't require any kind of license or permit from the Department Of Transportation (DOT). If you're planning on moving within one state but want an affordable price, this might be your option!

What's a Local Move?

A local move is a move taking place within the same city or town. For example, suppose you're moving from one apartment to another in the same city. In that case, it's considered a local move since both your old and new apartments are within the same geographical area.

Local moves are cheaper than long-distance moves because they involve fewer people and less equipment. They're also easier to plan out and typically more organized than their long-distance counterparts because there's usually no need for an overnight stay along the way.

Local moves tend to go faster than long-distance ones due to their shorter duration and smaller scope. However, they also tend not to take nearly as long as more extended trips.

Choosing a local or long-distance moving company is an important decision. Get familiar with our different moving services, our upfront prices, and schedule a free in-home moving estimate now.

The most important thing to remember planning your move is that the cost of long-distance moving services is much more than local moving services.

If you're looking for an affordable option for those longer distances, contact us for more information about what features come standard with each level of service our professional movers offer.

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